"You've healed me in ways no therapist ever could"

- Emily Smith

 Welcome to my 1:1 healing program, combining distant reiki and crystal healing, human design, spiritual and wellbeing tools, journal prompts, 1:1 coaching and mentoring and 6 modules of learning content. 

I have put my heart and soul into designing a program that I truly believe can transform lives. It is for people who are in the place I was in two years ago: feeling like I'd lost control of my life due to chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety.

This program is for you IF:

  • You are run down and tired of being tired

  • Anxiety or stress controls your life

  • You feel you've lost who you are because of mental health and/or illness

  • You are open to spirituality and spiritual practices

  • You're ready to work with a trained coach and energy healer, but take responsibility for your own healing

  • You are ready to reclaim your life!

"I'm still lost for words for the truly incredible experience of distant crystal healing reiki with Anna. Aferwards I felt like I was coming back to me again. It's been truly transformative. I have been blown away! Could not recommend this wonderful lady enough"

- Ellie Gillan

The Program Includes:



  • Optional 3 Skype or Zoom calls with me, a certified spiritual life coach and qualified teacher and someone who has been in your shoes in the past, so can relate to you. 

  • Unlimited messenger support from myself via instagram/facebook/voxer during the daytime weekdays. The messenger support will last for the length of the program (3 months)

  • Lifetime access to a Facebook group with others who are/have complet(ed/ing) the program

Reiki Healing Sessions

  • Six 50 minute distant crystal healing reiki sessions with me, a Kundalini Reiki master, spread over the 3 months at mutually agreed times.

  • 1 x distant DNA reiki session (30 mins) - this is reputed to strengthen the ability to heal DNA strands (our blueprint) to help heal negative and inherited genetics

  • 1 x distant birth trauma reiki session (30 mins). The most severe trauma we go through is often the process of being born. This is a gentle release ffrom this trauma.

  • 3x distant past life reiki sessions (30 mins each).  Our past lives can influence our current beliefs and habits. These sessions heal blockages from your earlier lives.

  • 1 x inner child distant reiki session (30 mins). Often when we experience early trauma, our inner child gets lost and forced to grow up quickly. This gently heals the inner child to promote joy.

  • 2 x karmic band distant reiki sessions (30 mins each). There is always a karmic cord between us and those who have had an impact on our lives. These bands can sometimes weigh us down and have a negative influence on our physical body and energy. This reiki heals these cords. 

  • 1 x kundalini box of gold distant reiki session (30 mins). This healing unlocks our personal treasure and abundance, allowing us to be more in the flow and receptive to opportunities and gifts from the universe.


  • A full 2 hour Human Design reading and report with Human Design expert Keri Bainborough, over Skype.

  • 6 modules of learning content including videos, meditations (I am an acredited meditation practioner), spiritual practices and journal prompts

The Modules

  1. Addressing the emotions/trauma 

  2. Shifting to an identity of wellness

  3. Your thoughts create your reality - manifesting the life you want

  4. Listening to your body and living in flow

  5. Energy protection and embracing your sensitivites

  6. Enhancing your health and happiness with daily spiritual practices