A downloadable voucher for you to print at home and gift to the recipient. The recipient then emails me to arrange their session


Info about the healing:


Kundalini reiki is a form of high speed reiki. When I send healing energy, the reiki knows exactly where it should go to best help you. You will often find that long term pain is due to deep rooted causes. In this case, one reiki session will have an impact, but it may be best to have a series of sessions. In a way, having one session is like having one tablet from a medicine box and then throwing out the rest. This is also the case for things such as anxiety or depression. However, if you are suffering from pain from moving house and carrying large boxes for example, then one session can specifically work on that pain. I also use my chakra board and a pendulum to check your chakras and aura.


This combines the kundalini reiki described above, with crystal healing. Before your session, I ask you what you would like to work on (eg. anxiety, back pain, grief) and then select a combination of crystals that will help this. I am a certified crystal healer and have a passion for crystals myself with over 100 in my collection, so I really can select the best crystals for your need. I then program my chakra board (which is an outline of the human body with the chakra points down it) to your energy and place the crystals on the board, as if I would place them on your body if I were with you in person. The crystals enhance the reiki to make the healing extra strong and target your specific needs. This is a non-contact healing session, so you will need to have 50 minutes or so un-interupted time to sit/lay and relax whilst I send the healing from my home to you. Detailed feedback will be emailed to you afterwards.​

Distant Crystal Healing x Kundalini Reiki Voucher