When I came across  www.ritualcacao.co.uk I was really impressed with their values and how their cacao supports the indigenous people of Ecuador. Since drinking their cacao daily, I’ve found I sleep better, my skin is glowing and my intuition has sharpened. ⭐️Which is why I’m excited to share with you all my 10% off discount code for you all! ⭐️ Just enter this code at the checkout: AFCACAO74 💫 Available to use on any size Tsatsayaku cacao 💫

⭐️Drinking ceremonial grade Cacao (raw chocolate) has been used for thousands of years across Central and South America. It helps release serotonin, dopamine, and anandamides (the bliss molecules) making us feel happier, calmer and more peaceful, and can be a wonderful tonic to take during these times of turbulence and change. Tsatsayaku Cacao comes directly from the ​Ecuadorian Amazon. ​What I love about this company, is when you purchase their cacao, you are directly supporting the Tsatsayaku Association, ​composed of 180 producers from 13 Kichwas families, and ​helping them to maintain and sustain their traditional way of life.⭐️

🤍Ritual cacao suggests 20-25gms Cacao a day to keep the Doctor away or around 40gms for a ceremonial dose.🤍

⭐️You can read so much more about it and the health benefits and recipes on their website! ⭐️

(Please note it is not suitable for pregnant women).

10% off discount code for ceremonial cacao