About Me

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Hey there. My name is Anna and I created Dragonfly Healing in 2019 after leaving my career as a primary school teacher. I was battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and had had enough of my illness defining me. I embarked on a spiritual journey, tried out a load of holistic therapies and worked hard on healing my mind, body and soul. I felt so passionate about these things that I trained myself so I could help others like I have been helped. I am now infinitely happier and healthier and it brings me great joy to help others to achieve the same. 

I am a Kundalini Reiki master and level 1 Usai reiki trained. I am also a certified crystal healer, certified advanced tarot reader and a Kyle Gray certified Angel Guide and have completed a mindfulness course. I am also a certified spirtitual life coach,  acredited personal transformation breakthrough coach and acredited meditation practitioner. I am also completing an acredited EFT tapping practioner course.

I also love the moon, candles, autumn, antiques, trees and animals and am partial to a good cuppa. 


I so look forward to working with you.